Support Management System

  • Knowledge Base
    Upload all information to the knowledge base like your organization forms, templates, study material, procedures (SOP), policies ..etc
  • Events & Photogallery
    Events and photo gallery helps to publish the upcoming events and view the past events. Photo gallery as the name says helps to keep all the memories safe in the album
  • Asset Management
    Asset management covers the complete lifecycle of the assets,not only IT assets, but any kind of assets in the organization.
  • Active Directory Authentication
    Active directory authentication helps to integrate users of the domain to the application. Domain username and password works for the application.
  • Mail Flow System
    C-Desk Supports mail flow system and SMTP protocol. So that users can be notified by mail about the updates on their service requests, Logs , Tasks, project tasks, etc. The mail flow for each individual can be enabled or disabled depending on their requirement. This helps the users to remain updated on their work and organization..


CVenture is the current project in process of development. It is an ERP application which caters to complete business processes. Complete application is made in small modules as per processes and is customizable on demand.
Current modules are
1. Enquiry management system (EQMS):- For the sales force and marketing division. It catters to complete process starting from quotes, followups, won lost statistics, daily reports, sales order generation, etc.
2. Sales Invoicing.
3. Production Processes.
4. Quality Control for production processes
5. Finiancial accounts (FA).
6. Customer Support and Customer feedback.




Complete Helpdesk application for all kind or queries inside the organisation. The features of C-Desk are:

  • Complaint Management / Helpdesk / Service request management / Query management:
    This is a comprehensive tool for the organization to manage all service requests, not only to the IT department but to any department of any location in the organization. So this application does not only work as IT Helpdesk Application but as a complete Helpdesk or service desk for your organization. Truly multi location application which supports centralized management as well as decentralized management of services.
  • Customer Care / Support management:
    The customer care module takes care of all service requests / complaints coming from the customer. Thus taking care of external service requests/complaints also..
  • Projects and Tasks:
    Projects and tasks cover task management of each individual employee , and also takes care of managing projects which has multiple tasks assigned to multiple people.

Instant Remote Support

To get support from CTNS. Just download the application you shall get an ID, contact our RMS Team with that ID. RMS Team will help you remotly to solve your minor issues.

Instant Remote Support (Windows Exectable)

Instant Remote Support (Zip File)



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