CVenture SMS

CVenture SMS (Support Management System)

Support Management application helps to manage complete support work process. It is an ideal application for companies which have field staff for customer support. The application features

Complaint management / issue tracking: Login and Track Customer Complaints Assign support staff to complaints Track complaint status. Manage Staff visits and visit reports Schedule customer visits Manage SLA and Escalations

Manage Repair Register: Get customer materials for repairs Track repair status Send to external service centers and track the repair material Exit repair material from repair register

Project management / Project Register: Create projects and project tasks Assign project manager Assign project tasks to support staff Track project status Manage Staff visits and visit reports Schedule customer visits Generate project report Manage SLA and Escalations

Technical Library: Create devices and parameters you want to store information for. Assign devices to customers Manage customer device information and customized parameters Have complete information of devices installed at customer’s site centrally stored and controlled

CVenture CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CVentureis the project in process of development. It is an ERP application which caters to complete business processes. Complete application is made in small modules as per processes and is customizable on demand.

Current modules are

  • Enquiry management system (EQMS) (Ready to use): It caters to complete sales process starting from Quotes, Revised quotes Follow-ups, won lost statistics, Daily reports of sales executives, Sales order generation, etc.
  • Sales Invoicing. (Ready to use)
  • Payment Tracking (Ready to use)
  • Mass Mailer (Ready to use)
  • Purchase management and inventory (In development)
  • Production Processes (In development)
  • Quality Control for production processes (In development)
  • Financial Accounts (FA) (In development)

The CRM module with sales order and invoicing is free to use.. but currently we do not have the download process and the website ready for the same. So please contact for implementation of the same.

Note: contact for sales information or call on +91 98 21 381118