Messaging Solutions

Value Proposition

The software products we sell and support are industry renowned for their excellence. As an independent reseller, we offer a variety of solutions to help you achieve your objectives. We research the IT Technology marketplace landscape worldwide to find products that deliver the functionality and value that our customers deserve. We have very strict standards for vendors and we only deal with vendors that meet our support, technology and business standards and that deliver quality products and support at a reasonable price.

Solutions include

  • Email Archive Systems for compliance or improved storage management
  • Email and IM Migration Utilities
  • Messaging Management and Administration
  • Anti-SPAM and Content Filtering
  • Instant Messaging Solutions
  • OWA Utilities
  • Internet Filtering and Reporting
  • Network, Desktop and Endpoint Security

We work with you to understand your environment and help design and integrate solutions that are cost effective and geared specifically towards your unique requirements. We offer installation assistance and consulting for most of the products that we carry, please don't hesitate to inquire if you are in need of those services.

We provide solutions for Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Linux, free messaging applications, Novell GroupWise as well as other SMTP based email systems. In addition, we provide products that help secure and optimize the use of Instant Messaging Technologies such as Microsoft LCS and OCS, Lotus Sametime and other standards based IM applications.

We provide solutions that help achieve legal compliance, secure your email infrastructure and underlying network, Manage and Administer your email environment in an efficient and reliable manner and help your users become more efficient in their use of Messaging Technologies.

Our tools and expertise will help provide you with:

  • A secure email and IM Infrastructure
  • An environment that provides high reliability and availability
  • An environment where data is safely maintained and easily accessed

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