Other Projects


WebAD is a web based Active Directory Management Tool used for managing user accounts in Active Directory. Helps managing users via web based interface.

Features include

  • Web based Active directory management.
  • Create, edit, delete users.
  • Enable disable user accounts
  • Reset user passwords.
  • Password selfservice tool for end users to manage their own passwords.


Instant Remote Support

To get support from CTNS. Just download the application you shall get an ID, contact our RMS Team with that ID. RMS Team will help you remotly to solve your minor issues.

Instant Remote Support (Windows Exectable) Download

Instant Remote Support (Zip File) Download

Mass Mailer

Mass Mailer is a web based bulk email sending software program for generating mass mailings. The main goal of the Mass mail sender is to ensure that online entrepreneurs and marketing specialists have the ability to quickly process multiple emails and newsletters to customers.

There are many features that you would get access to through our mass email sender. Here are some highlights followed by detailed descriptions..

  • Exceptional Speed
  • User friendliness
  • Customer Masters.
  • Group mailing. (Create groups of customers and send mail to groups).
  • Sends mail to individual customers as if it was send personally to each.
  • Edits body header as “Dear contact name,”
  • Monitoring.
  • HTML mail format
  • Rich reporting