Maintenance and Support

CTNS Maintenance Services can help you:

Welcome to our support center. We offer extensive support for all our services and products, in case of issues or queries please feel free to contact our 24/7 support team.

We have brought together the best talent in the industry under one roof. We help our customers get their ideas online. We are often asked to share insight on what drives us. Recently we put pen to paper and articulated the values we've always known to be true.

We uphold 'The Golden Rule' in everything we do. We put ourselves in other people's shoes giving us a more complete perspective and ensuring every decision is fair and equitable. We keep things simple. We are constantly streamlining and automating wherever we can. And we spend wisely.

  • We provide 24x7 Support for all 365 days.
  • Get the right support for your hardware assets
  • Leverage single-call accountability for multivendor hardware support
  • Minimize costly downtime and protect against outages
  • Accelerate recovery
  • We can serve as your single contact to manage maintenance across your enterprise. Coverage is available for distributed workstations, high end to midrange equipment, PCs,printers, servers,mobile ,video hardware, networking hardware and software.
  • Our Remote management services helps you to get instant support online. Our RMS team also help you monitor your IT infrastructure and network remotely to ensure you 100 % uptime.
  • Helpdesk speeds up the process of solving the complaints, and helps us reach individual end users to solve their issues. (For large networks)
  • Our Support management application helps us co-ordinate fast and solve your problems and helps you to login complaints online and keep track of all complaints made.